Life is a contact sport. There will always be ups and downs, loves and losses in life. As humans we can not escape this. We are here to experience the fullness of life and its richness. Yet, we are able to navigate it with more ease and grace. 


We have been on a journey of discovering the path of least resistance. A path of more flow and creativity. 


We have journeyed together in friendship, connection and love.


Our journeys have led us to uncover knowledge, truths and tools for change.  It has led us to opportunities we could never have foreseen at the start.


We are passionate about sharing our journey and knowledge. We purposely bring women together as a group because when we are learning in this way our growth is accelerated and amplified. We are greater than the sum of our parts which leads to us all raising our awareness together. 

We are not perfect. We forget. We trip and fall. Life is often messy and we need to be reminded that we are whole.

The intention for our courses and retreats is to hold a space for women where we remind you that you are and have always been whole.

Alison and Julie are friends, colleagues and women on a journey of discovery and learning

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