Get to know us


We are friends and colleagues, who share a love of personal reflection and growth. 


We are increasingly living our lives from a place of insight. It has led us to opportunities we could never have foreseen at the start.


We are passionate about ending the needless discontent, unhappiness and suffering experienced by many women.


We share knowledge, truths, lessons and tools for change which we have brought together from our trainings and insightful journeys. 


We are both mothers home educators and wild swimmers.


I am a teacher and education leader. I specialise in SEND provision, and in teaching those with additional vulnerabilities and challenges.


I have a gift for creating safe, compassionate and nourishing spaces for sharing and learning. My calmness grounds and balances. I listen, observe and gently point you in the right direction. 


I hold a PGCE and MA in Educational Leadership. I hold qualifications in SEND provision, trauma informed practice and in Forest school leadership


I have learnings and teachings based in:

The 3 Principals

Intuition and guidance based in the teaching of William White Cloud

Alison Armstrong.

Gene Keys Richard Rudd


I am a practicing Acupuncturist (since 1995) and I specialise in women’s health. I am also a coach and workshop leader. 


I have an insatiable desire for learning more about the mind. I found as I worked with people that they often became stuck in unhelpful thoughts and behaviours. I then went on a journey of exploring different perspectives and teachings. I was looking for knowledge and evidence of transformation that created lasting change in peoples lives including my own. 


I have hold qualifications in:

Chinese medicine including acupuncture, diet and lifestyle.

3 Principles coaching. 

Natural Success training with William Whitecloud.

Being Extraordinary as a Woman with Alison Armstrong. 

Black belt in Wing Chun Kung Fu.