Get to know us


Alison and Julie are friends, colleagues and woman on a journey of discovery and learning. They are passionate about ending the needless conflict and discontent suffered by many women. They share knowledge, truths, lessons and tools for change which they have brought together from their own trainings and insightful journeys. 


Both Alison and Julie are increasingly living their lives from a place of insight. It has led them to opportunities they could never have foreseen at the start.


Both are mothers, home educators and wild swimmers


Alison is a teacher and education leader. She has a gift for creating safe, compassionate and nourishing spaces for sharing and learning. Her calmness grounds and balances. She listens, observes and gently points you in the right direction. 


Julie is a practicing Acupuncturist and coach specialising in women's health. She has an insatiable desire for learning more about the human experience and a gift of sharing in accessible ways that is right for you. Her energy and vibrancy, fires the desire for others to learn and grow.