Events & Retreats

Our workshops and online events are designed to help women discover their own inner guidance and wisdom. 


We do this by creating safe, compassionate, transformational spaces for growth, and healing. 


We offer practical advice and support to help you re-discover your own inner knowledge of how to live a happier and healthier life. 

The Whole Woman Foundation Course
Catching Up
Cooking Class

This online course will teach you how to identify and follow your own intuition. We all have an inner knowing that we are able to access in every moment. However we are not taught how to hear and follow this inner guidance system.


We will teach you how to hear your own inner wisdom. We will give you practical advice and exercises to help you become familiar with how this guidance expresses itself to you. This will lead to more clarity, easier decision making and greater productivity.


Join us for our 4 week foundation course where we will be teaching from our extensive knowledge. We will share our experiences, how we live from this guidance and the difference it has made in our lives. You will be given opportunities during the sessions to explore these concepts for yourself in small groups. We will also be encouraging you to continue this self reflection between the sessions and document what you are noticing.  


We always intend to hold a relaxed, safe and nurturing space for our groups. When we come together in this way it facilitates growth, self reflection and healing.  


We look forward to welcoming you to our training.


We will meet on zoom on the following dates:


Wednesday 9 November

Wednesday 16 November

Wednesday 23 November

Wednesday 30 November


All sessions will be 7.30pm-9pm


COST - £125 full price or £70 concession


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